Nutritional Program

The Children’s Center serves breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  The center is licensed by the State of New York and our menu follows the US Department of Agriculture guidelines for balanced and nutritious meals.  Our menu is a four week cycle menu and is posted on the main bulletin board located in the entry hall of the center.  A licensed nutritionist from the state reviews our menu every two years, making changes if necessary, and approves the menu for usage.  A state approved menu is necessary in order to be licensed, and we are required by law to serve these meals daily to the children. Only appropriate substitutions are allowed if necessary.  Any child who cannot have the food we serve must provide a doctor’s statement claiming medical or religious exemption with reason.    This allows us to serve the child other foods and still be in compliance with our license.  It is not, however, possible to serve a child food from home because it is a parent’s wish. 


It is just as important to serve approved afternoon snacks as it is to serve approved breakfast and lunch.   In order to ensure this, the Children’s Center has a birthday   policy in place that will provide a day that’s special for the child.  This will include activities based on our philosophy and a celebration with wholesome and nutritious foods that follow the USDA criteria.