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Preschool Goals

• To provide a nurturing, challenging, and inclusive environment with caring adults where self-concepts are enhanced, independence encouraged, and social skills acquired. Individuality is respected and opportunities for decision making are encouraged.

• To provide large portions of time for the child to spend with peers engaging in a variety of age-appropriate activities.

• To provide the child with opportunities to gain competence in a variety of skills and techniques that increase his/her interest and choices in his/her environment.

• To provide for each child's physical well-being.

• To provide opportunities to develop large motor skills and coordination through physically active play.


Our focus for the Pre-School is to create an environment in which children can learn to respect themselves and others. The positive, accepting relationship between staff and child is designed to provide a relaxed, loving setting where independence and choices are encouraged and self-esteem is enhanced. A wide variety of activities and experiences are planned to help children learn problem-solving and negotiating skills which empower them to play cooperatively. Our goal is to foster curiosity about the world in which we live and develop an appreciation for learning. Children have many opportunities to express their creativity through art activities, music and movement expression, language skills, cognitive challenges and dramatic play. The development of large and small motor coordination is provided through active outdoor as well as indoor play activities.

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