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Toddler Goals
  • To provide a loving, caring atmosphere where each child is respected for his/her uniqueness

  • To meet the physical and emotional needs of the child.

  • To provide ample opportunities for the development of language, large and small motor skills, positive social interactions, and physical and emotional growth.

  • To develop self-help skills such as feeding and dressing so that the child has a feeling of independence and confidence.

  • To provide care in small groups so that the child is given the personal attention so necessary for his/her development.

  • To allow children more freedom of choice and help them feel independent in their environment.



Helping children develop language skills which enhance their ability to express themselves and communicate their needs is a primary goal of this group. Included in the toddler's day are opportunities for creative expression through a variety of art, music, and cognitive experiences. Small and large motor coordination activities are provided both indoors and outdoors and are an integral part of the toddler's day. A variety of toys and materials are available at the child's level which gives each child the freedom and opportunity to make choices. Self-help skills which foster independence and contribute to the child's positive self-image are also encouraged


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