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Required Forms For Current Parents

New York State encourages all children in a child care setting receive a thorough physical exam prior to enrollment, as well as additional health examinations in according with the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule of such care and examinations. Parents are required to provide documentation of these examinations on the appropriate forms.

Children enrolled must remain current with their physical examinations and immunizations.

This form may be used when a parent consents to having over-the-counter products administered to their child in a child day care program. These products include, but are not limited to: topical ointments, lotions and creams, sprays, sunscreen products and topically applied insect repellant. IN ORDER TO ACCEPT AND ADMINISTER OVER - THE - COUNTER PRODUCTS WE MUST BE ABLE TO MATCH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WRITTEN ON THE CONSENT FORM TO THE PRODUCT BEING PROVIDED CHILD'S NAME, PRODUCT, DOSE, TIME, ROUTE.


Children With Allergies:

The following forms must be completed for any child who has any type of allergy.


Center Resources For Parents:


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