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Schedule- Toddlers & Preschool



8:00-9 :30   Arrival and Breakfast


8:00-10:15  Learning Centers and Activities


Children select from and participate in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities which may include creative art activities, block building, manipulatives, dramatic play, sand and water, computers, language and listening activities, etc.


10:15-10:30  Clean Up


10:30-10:45  Group Time/Circle Time (Preschoolers)  |  Learning Centers and Activities (Toddlers)


10:45-11:45   Outdoor Play


11:45-12:00  Clean Up/Lunch preparation


12:00-1:00 Lunch


1:00-2:30  Nap/Rest


2:30-3:30  Snack/Outdoor preparation


3:30-4:30  Outdoor Play


4:30-5:00  Centers and Activities


5:00-5:15  Clean Up/Departure


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