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The Staff


The professional staff of The Children’s Center at Purchase College is committed to providing high quality child care in a safe, healthy, happy and inclusive learning environment.  This requires that we respect, support, and maintain open communication with children, their families and each other.


Our focus is to be a child study center where teachers are active researchers translating theory into practice and maintaining a commitment to becoming lifelong learners.


The Children’s Center staff abides by the NAEYC’s (National Association for the Education of Young Children) Code of Ethical Conduct.  This is a commitment to core values in the field of early childhood care and education.  We base our work on the way we know that children develop and learn.  We appreciate the child-family bond, respecting the uniqueness of each child and family member and recognizing their diversity.  We value the stage of the life cycle called “childhood” and know that children and adults flourish in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

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