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Yellow Room

The Yellow Room provides a warm and welcoming environment for 18 months – 2+ year old toddlers and their parents. In an environment that is safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate to this age group, the children use their senses to learn about their surroundings. There are soft areas in the loft where they can feel relaxed and comfy, climbing equipment to strengthen their gross motor skills, and areas where they can play with materials and learn to share with others. They learn about social interactions and begin to grow their language by communicating with their teachers and peers. There is a Head teacher, an Assistant teacher, and college student assistants who watch over these children and guide them through new learning experiences.    

   Purple Room


The Purple room is where our Preschool program begins.  These 3 year olds enter a larger room with a larger class size. The room is divided into centers such as dramatic play, blocks, a library/reading area, a computer, a science area, an art area, manipulatives and a sensory table. The children are encouraged to make choices about which space they would like to explore.  The Head Teacher and the Assistant teacher plan curriculum themes based on the children’s interests and needs and offer many theme- related experiences in which the children are encouraged to participate. The teachers and college student assistants help the children learn colors, shapes, and basic pre-reading and math skills through alphabet familiarization, counting and numeral recognition. The children learn to work cooperatively with others and verbally negotiate problems.  The children have lots of space indoors and out to move their bodies and develop their motor skills. The Preschool program believes in the growth of the whole child.

Green Room

The Green Room is a busy, cheerful environment for our 2 year old toddlers.  There are lots of spaces for these curious individuals to explore – a loft, a soft block area, a book area, manipulatives and a sensory table. A Head teacher and an Assistant teacher plan additional appropriate experiences in which the children can participate. With the help of college student assistants, the teachers guide these toddlers in learning how to interact positively with their peers. The children’s vocabulary and language skills increase as the adults read and communicate with them and encourage them to talk to their friends and express their needs. This toddler-centered environment is the place where the children learn and grow.  

Blue Room

The Blue room is the Pre-K experience for the 4 year olds.  The room is divided into many centers for them to explore: art, blocks, reading/writing, manipulatives, dramatic play, computers, and the loft. The children sign in at the beginning of the day and begin their exploration of the centers, choosing the areas in which they want to work. They learn to take turns as they wait for a space to open in an area they want to use.  The Head teacher and the Assistant teacher work together to plan a theme that will interest the children and decide on activities that will be exciting for the children to experience and explore. During Group time, the class discusses and writes about current learning topics. The teachers and their college student assistants introduce the skills needed in Kindergarten like letter sounds, counting and recognizing numbers through 20 and using tools for writing and drawing Four year olds are also offered time and space to hone their gross motor skills. They leave the Center ready for the challenges of a new school.   

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