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Sybil Barten, Ph. D.,

Founder of The Children's Center



Founded in 1973, the Children's Center is the oldest, full-time campus childcare facility in Westchester County.


In 1972, when psychology professor Sybil Barten, announced a meeting for anyone interested in campus childcare, eight people showed up.  Some of the principles that still guide the Center can be traced back to the first director:

• the goal of a non-sexist educational environment;

• the importance of a child's positive self-image;

• the notion that staff should always talk to children at eye level;

• the idea that children should be encouraged to put their thoughts and feelings into words;

• whenever possible, instructions to the children should be phrased in positive terms rather than as prohibitions.


In Fall 1983, Linda Lattimer was hired as Director, and her firm, energetic leadership enlarged the size of the Center, enhanced opportunities for staff development, and increased the visibility of the Center in the county. 


Our present director, Dr. Patricia Amanna, was hired in the fall of 1990. Her philosophy of early childhood education is precisely that on which the Children's Center was founded. Her individuality and professionalism has greatly enhanced the program at the Children's Center and has earned her immense respect and recognition in the SUNY community.


It is the goal of the Children's Center to be a model to the community, to early education specialists, and to parents. In 1992, the Center achieved accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), as a model childcare center.


The staff strives for innovation and sets high standards for the field through leadership. From its modest beginnings in 1973, the Children's Center today is the model campus childcare center In Westchester County.

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