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What Parents have to say about The Children's Center 

"My wife and I have sent both our kids to The Children’s Center. We love it there. We know our kids are safe, happy, and getting the chance to interact with teachers who care about them and students who play with them. The Children’s Center has activities every day that our kids come home thrilled to tell us about and they look forward to going each day. I wish every child and family had the opportunity to have a place like The Children’s Center in their lives."

- Dan Kelly

“When my toddler cried because she could not go to the Children’s Center at Purchase College on a weekend, I knew I found the right place for her. The teachers are amazing, they are so caring, patient, skilled, and very experienced. Fun activities all the time, timely feedback to parents, and being flexible and considerate with special needs. I highly recommend this center, because kids are in excellent hands with them!”

- Mengfei

"We love the Children's Center! Both our daughters have gone through the program and the care, love, and attention given to each child is first rate. In fact, even while we were working remotely during the pandemic, I still made the drive up to campus so our children could have the consistency and development provided by the Children's Center. Their staff is communicative and approachable, and you get daily reports with photos! This program builds students' confidence and prepares them so well to enter Kindergarten successfully."

- Erica Westcott

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