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Pre-K Goals

• To integrate an age-appropriate curriculum focusing on the physical, social-emotional and cognitive development of the child.

• To help children learn how to learn to establish a foundation for life-long learning.• To develop a child's self-esteem, sense of competence and positive feelings towards learning

.• To respond to individual differences in ability, learning style, rate of learning, and interest

.• To provide children with concrete learning materials and activities which are relevant to children's lives and reinforce curriculum goals.

• To facilitate children's ability to become successful in communicating and developing self-control skills.



The Pre-K classroom provides a developmentally appropriate learning environment where children grow cognitively and physically through hands on activities and teacher directed experiences.  Because children have different learning styles and interests, materials are presented in various forms in the classroom centers giving each child a positive learning experience.  Children become confident in their abilities and are comfortable verbalizing their needs to teachers and peers. Teachers introduce the children to the basic skills in pre-reading, math, and science so they are ready to meet the challenges that Kindergarten presents.     

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